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Next Level Supplier and Vendor Quality Management

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what Avendium does

Our Mission

Avendium partners with clients to build and manage supplier quality systems in order to reduce costs, errors, and risks in support of regulatory requirements.

where we excel 

Customers We Serve

  • Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)
  • Laboratories
  • IVD Manufacturers
  • Pharma/Biopharma
  • Medical Device
  • Oil and Gas, Biofuels 
  • Aerospace

Why we make sense

Regulatory Compliance

Avendium supports your company in meeting regulatory standards to make for a smooth approval process, including the following:

  • 21 CFR 820.50 Purchasing Controls
  • ISO 13485:2016 Section 7.4 requirements for the purchasing process, purchasing information and verification of purchased products

The Avendium solution

Supplier Quality Pathway

The Avendium solution is a defined pathway to supplier quality including risk assessment, supplier qualification, auditing, quality agreements, and ongoing maintenance.  The pathway is supported by a foundation of ongoing procedure development, database management, and quality metrics.  

Risk Assessment

We review supplier risk and determine quality requirements and mitigation plans

Supplier Identification and Qualification

We identify suppliers and verify the quality of their organization, products, and services


We coordinate audits to provide unbiased assessments of the products and services of any given supplier

Quality Agreements / Onboarding

We manage quality and supply agreements between your company and your suppliers and ensure they are onboarded correctly


We regularly maintain your company’s database and track performance and key metrics

Trusted by Our Partners:
Master Control
QA Connect Management Consulting LLC

The Avendium Advantage

  • Cost effective
  • Depth in staff support
  • Trained and experienced team
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Qualified network of auditors

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